1. Should I plan on bringing my family?
Family members who are not registered will not be able to attend the conference. However, there are many family activities nearby, including Disneyland.

2. Is there a dress code?
The dress code is professional attire.

3. Are there arrangements for meals during the conference?
Yes, for registered attendees only. Please see the "Logistics" tab of this website.

4. If my significant other is not a health care professional, can he/she attend the conference?
No. Only those registered can attend the conference.

5. What is the goal of the conference?
The goal of the conference is for health care professionals to share experiences and learn how to better practice Ideal Healthcare and further understand the Global Health Mission.

6. Are there materials online that we can preview for the conference?
Yes. Please see the "Related Links" section of this page. New materials will be posted as they become available.

7. How do I register?
Registration is available on this website. Please see the "Register" tab of this website.

8. Is there a registration fee?
No. The conference is free for all attendees, including the meals. You are responsible for the hotel room and all meals/activities for any family members/friends who may be traveling with you but are not attendees.

9. If I bring children, are there planned activities for them during the conference?
Child care will be available to families with small children if both parents are conference attendees.

10. Is there transportation to and from the airport?
Yes, the hospitality committee is arranging transportation from the airport to the hotel and back. Detailed information on transport from airport to hotel and back will be communicated to all delegates in July/August 2017 along with contact information to inform the transport team  on flight changes/cancelations, and other emergencies.

11. Are there arrangements for discounted rooms at local hotels?
Yes, there will be rooms available at discounted rates. Please see the "Logistics" tab of this website.

12. Is this conference mainly for Sai devotees?
No. This conference is for any healthcare professional interested in learning about the principles and practice of Ideal Healthcare and the Global Health Mission of the SSIO.

13. Is there a program for young health care professionals?
Yes. Please see the "Program" tab of this website.

14. For young healthcare professionals, will there be opportunities to meet with mentors and perhaps network with other like-minded professionals?
Yes, there will be many opportunities during the conference.

15. For those of us interested in humanitarian relief and/or medical service, will there be workshops?
Yes, there will be many interesting workshops, including humanitarian relief, given by experienced members of the SSIO. You will also learn about opportunities to participate in humanitarian relief and/or medical service in the SSIO.

16. Is there a poster session?
Yes. There will be exhibits and a poster session. There will also be a plenary session and workshops to address different topics on Ideal Healthcare and the Global Health Mission that everyone can actively participate in. Additionally, there will be panel discussions by experienced members of the SSIO.